About Us

Old Vine Detroit sells vintage clothing

~ The End ~

Actually, this is just the beginning.

It is the beginning of our commitment to a better future. A better future for us, a better future for others, and a better future for the world.


Who We Are

Charlie and Carolyn portrait

Charlie and Carolyn. Two kids who tasted what life was supposed to be like and said "nah". Old Vine Detroit is the premier vintage clothing wing of the larger Guerrilla Marketspace brand, an adventure started in 2017 to cover every endeavor our hearts desire. Through Guerrilla Marketspace, we've sold everything from model trains to vintage tees to mounted game heads because... why not? But Old Vine Detroit is something a little different. This is where we feature our absolute best - the vintage clothing items that really get us going and define our signature taste and style.


Ok, so why vintage clothing? 

We gotta make money somehow! Also, vintage clothing is just cool. Who doesn't love strolling down nostalgia lane? But really, our journey toward the vintage clothing world was a winding road of curiosity, passion, nerdom, and our growing commitment to sustainability and community. Throughout this journey, we've developed a true love for 70's through early 2000's vintage clothing, the community of vintage clothing enthusiasts we've met along the way, and the warm and fuzzy feeling we get knowing that we are contributing in some way to a better future where fast fashion takes a back seat to sustainable style.


What's next?

Exclusive drops, NFTs, style advice, collaborations, pop-up shops, custom pieces, and OVD merch. Maybe we'll make movies. Maybe we'll start a lifestyle revolution. Maybe we'll just have some laughs, travel the world, and sell awesome vintage clothes. That's the beauty of it. We don't know, but we know we'll have fun doing it. Honestly, the sky is the limit.

We're excited.

Are you?